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Aidmed Kit

Aidmed Kit

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Aidmed One a portable medical device.

 the price includes: 

  • 1 x Aidmed One 
  • 1 x Pulse Oximeter Berry BM2000
  • 2 x chest straps
  • 3 x nasal cannulas
  • 1 x charging cable 

Aidmed One is fully compatible with Aidlab SDK and Aidlab apps.

Aidmed One is designed to be worn on the chest by the patient using an attached chest strap and an attached pulse oximeter. The recorder has sensors that collect the following biosignals:
  • Bioimpendance – measuring changes in chest volume;
  • Accelerometer – measurement of patient movement and position;
  • Pressure sensor – airflow through the nose/mouth;
  • Thermometer – skin surface temperature;
  • Microphone – volume level (sound pressure, such as coughing);
  • ECG – one discharge based on silicone electrodes without gel;
  • SpO2 sensor – pulse rate and oxygen saturation of the blood – wireless sensor

Aidmed One has several modules for measuring physiological parameters. The ECG signal is collected using a single-channel module through silicon electrodes placed on a chest strap.

This module is also used to detect changes in the electrical impedance of the chest. These occur during breathing – as the shape of the chest changes during inhalation and exhalation, and conductivity changes of the high-frequency current through the tissues. From these changes, the respiratory rhythm can be determined.

Another module is the differential pressure sensor. Using the intranasal cannula supplied with it, the airflow through the nose can be measured and the rhythm and depth of breaths can be determined.


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